Radio Presenter

Have you always wanted to take your voice on air to the masses? 

Devote Radio can provide you that platform to plan, produce and broadcast a weekly 3-hour radio show online, mobile and through Alexa and Google Assistant! 

What do I need to become a radio presenter?

Well, the number 1 thing is passion! Passion for radio and music! Here at Devote you build your very own radio show that will broadcast at the same time each week. Previous experience is not needed! We provide a full dedicated training platform to ensure you are trained to the highest standard and ready to dominate the airwaves! 

We provide a platform to help promote your very own weekly radio show and provide expertise with show features, giveaways and building your show with your target audience and increasing your listener base.

The only thing we ask is the following:

  • Able to broadcast one 3-hour or 2-hour show minimum on the same day and time each week.
  • Willingness to learn all internal systems related to the Broadcasting team. 
  • Passionate for radio and music!
  • Help build and expand a fun community environment in way of show production and quality and interaction within our community and social media profiles.
  • Engage with our Commercial and Creative teams in developing online promotional material for your weekly show.

We believe we are the difference to most other volunteer radio stations. We provide constant communication and always available if you want to expand your show further or need further assistance with help in production, system use or other training within Devote. 

Head back to our volunteer page to apply today. 

What is Devote Radio?

Devote Radio is an online radio station part of the Devote Media Group Limited. We broadcast 24/7 with our primary presenter-led shows broadcasting between Monday through Sunday, 7am till midnight. Outside of these hours we provide an automated playlist and recap some of our favourite bits from the previous week. 

What is the Devote Media Group Limited?

The Devote Media Group Limited (DMG) is an entertainments and media organisation located in the Midlands. The DMG own and operate various brands nationwide and locally; along with operating an online marketplace store selling branded merchandise for individual brands.


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