KSI's influencer boxing promotion introduces WWE-style tag team match

KSI's promotional company Misfits Boxing announces a "groundbreaking tag team fight" on the undercard of their Misfits Boxing & DAZN Series 5 card.

KSI's Misfits Boxing promotion has announced a tag team boxing match on the undercard of their fifth event taking place in Telford on March 4th, 2023. 

The boxing bout will include four social media stars: BDave and Luis Pineda vs Stromedy and Austin Sprinz. Both teams are former rivals who are paired together in a fight reminiscent of the WWE's tag team matches.

Misfits Boxing has been pushing the boundaries by finding exciting ways to alter the rules of boxing since the promotion began last year. Their first event in August saw KSI fight two people in one night, and their last event in January kept one of the opponents on the undercard a secret up until the mystery opponent did his ring walk. Both events were critiqued for "mocking" the sport of boxing. 

KSI has pre-empted the criticism for Misfit's latest alteration of boxing's rules in a tweet that says: "Boxing purists ain't gonna like this one." The tweet was followed by laughing emojis. 

KSI's manager Mams Taylor has also pre-empted criticism in an interview on the Misfits Boxing YouTube channel: "This is the thing. People will hate on it. People will love it. People will understand - some won't. But at the end of the day this is what Misfits is about. We've got serious competition in there. We have fun, we have antics, we have sports entertainment, and that's what we're about. So get used to it."

The bout will be sanctioned by the Professional Boxing Association. Details on the rules for the tag team match are yet to be announced. 


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